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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

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Personalized Cards & Gifts in Business

Letting your customers know you appreciate their business provides the best relationship building bang for your buck. Encourage repeat business and referrals when you stay top-of-mind with a personalized card and/or gift.

Saying “Thank You”, “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” has never been so easy or Affordable (about $1.00 per card)! We’ll remind you about Birthdays and Anniversaries. Then, with just a couple of clicks, you can choose or design a card specifically for your client. Add your personal message and image and they’ll know you took the time to make it special.

You can even upload your own handwriting so your message is truly personal.  We’ll take care of the envelope, stamp and mailbox.

Quick & Easy to Use: From PC or Mobile-friendly App

Advanced Contact Manager, Birthday & Event Reminders

Affordable – About $1 per Card

Custom Branding on Back, Your Signature & Handwriting

Why Send Personalized Cards & Gifts?

Our print-on-demand, personalized greeting card designer is easy-to-use. You can quickly design personalized cards to recognize important milestones in life and business. We’ll handle the printing, stuffing, stamping and mailing.

Select a special gift and we’ll box it up and ship it for you with your personalized card. From our selection of books, flowers, brownies & other goodies, you’re sure to find just the right gift.

In today’s digital age, a personalized card and gift in the mailbox is sure to delight and engage.

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